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temperaturas en el dÍa de hoy, aquí en los angeles 91. esto de mi parte, nos mantendremos informados a travÉs de mi twitter. regreso con ustedes a los estudios. >> descontamos que el presidente obama permitirÁ que las aseguradoras permitirÁn que cumplan con los requisitos. vamos a pasar a la sala de redacciÓn con cecilia. >> muchas gracias, pamela, muchas cosas continÚa pasando en relaciÓn del obamacare. hay muchas preguntas y dudas. ♪ la primera pregunta es de adriana y dice asÍ: las personas nacidas aquÍ pero que viven en mÉxico tendrÁ multa? la respuesta es no, no serÁn multados. es verdad que no se ha aprobado este gobierno porque obama necesita insertar un chip en cada ciudadano. marlon, desde que comenzÓ la reforma de la ley de la salud ha habido un sinnÚmero de rumores en torno a ella uno de ellos es la implantaciÓn de un chip, lo cual es mentira. mayra esta ley estipula que las personas que califiquen pueden adquirir su cobertura de salud en el mercado de seguros mÉdicos, que ya estÁ funcionando si una persona de la seguro no necesita cambiar los. la interrogante de
interested in the designated areas and you quoted los angeles. this is something that i think there might be some real viable options and solutions here. so, thank you, next i would like to call up dr. campos, supervisor campos. >> you can call me anything you like. thank you very much and again i would like to thank my colleagues for this item. another thing i wanted to ask mta and i had a couple of questions in terms of the gain here. i'm glad he's involved and talk together coalition which i think has some very good ideas. but, how do you define success with this pilot? you know to the extent that the idea is to move vehicles from one neighborhood to another, what's your definition of success? >> well, that's a very difficult question to answer, but i would answer it by saying, the residues of san -- residents of san francisco are the best to suggest how the vehicles impact their quality of life. if when we reach a point where there are very few complaints brought to our attention about the negative impact, i would surmise that those vehicles remaining are located to places that are l
it has to be locally controlled. we have nothing to do with this. i'm from los angeles county and let me tell you bail schedules are very high out there. but we work with the families, co-workers, and employers that want that person out of jail where they can continue to flourish in their society. the issue of -- well the pretrial is there is a misconception about which is fair and which isn't fair. i have to say for the sake of public safety, we offer a little bit of the bjs study that our statistics is true because we incorporate other people with a part of the skim in the game, if you will, the family and members and we do a better job of seeing people return to court. we don't judge, we just return them to court and make their appearances. >> there are a lot of organizations throughout the state that, you know, kind of pull their resources together to be able to engaged in some lobbying, i think it true for some associations and there is some lobbying for the california's association. do you know how much your organization spends on lobbying? >> we don't even have a paid lobbyist. bu
county to implement the law. there have been other counties in los angeles county and other counties who are considering it. >> why have they not adopted the law. what is it about forced treatment and the consequences for an allowing refusing treatment. we have a panel who have a knowledge of this subject in some cases because of their professional endeavors and in some cases because of personal experiences and in some cases, both. let me introduce them. karen chen is an attorney manager for the san francisco public defenders office, kathy, whose son battled mental illness, can is a subject treatment expert for the medical center. danny is the associate director for the serial neeb breet program for the city of san diego. and san francisco chief of police. gary is a psychiatrist and laura's law advocate and eduardo vega of the mental health association of san francisco. let me start by opposing a question to karen chen from the public defenders office. karen, can you -- how about if you start by giving us an overview of how the city handles this conflict between treatment and civil libe
trespass. he entered what i can call a criminal factory known as the main jail in los angeles where they process and you can almost feel bad for them but not quite. they process thousands of people. people with hispanic names are called out to be interviewed. he did not have the capacity to explain what i just told you was his background. he was on a bus. he went to immigration service. he was on a bus. he was taken to tijuana and released. no lawyer in that process. every religion that i'm familiar with teaches that things like that are not the right way to go and we do have public officials who are happy to mention their own religion and i get a kick out of it and check their voting record because on this issue and on your issue, they are part of the problem. who are they? they are your friends. they are the people you like. they like environmental things, other things. these things i tried to talk to them and so have others much more powerful than i am. he was in mexico for 3 months. he had a mental breakdown. he thought he was dead. to check if he was dead he stepped out in fro
and adjudicating your case and the sentencing and bail. there no check balances involved in this. i have sat in los angeles and waiting for the sheriff department for a gentleman that had to get to his job or lose his job. and 36 hours later he's still in custody when he could have been bailed out through corporate bail. our industry brings to the state of california revenues in excess of 11 to $20 million to state revenues. and what i am hearing is that this movement is to chop us off completely. and i say no. we need to co-exist. there is a place for corporate charity bail and pretrial. but until the last year we really have not been invited to the table. and this kind of dialogue is very important. you need to hear what we have to say. and there is a misconception that gps monitoring, who is going to pay for that? the taxpayers or the defendant? generally i hear the models the defendant, does he want to go to work with a leg monitor on his leg or security bond. you are innocent until proven guilty. and the other thing about the pre-trial incarceration figures. they are not there because the fami
. so i think what's coming from that is, a lot of cities like los angeles, chicago was really interested in our community benefit. that's one of the things that they felt was important. we talked about doing outreach as you impact community and really involve them in how you can minimize impact because those are eventually rate payers that are going to vote on increases. so you take advantage of those opportunities and not just wait until you need them. you actually take care of them while you don't or not really impacting or when you impact them you need to take advantage of that opportunity. there was a lot of dialogue and a lot shared and i think everybody is really excited about the coverage and hopefully narrowing it because it was so broad. >> okay. that concludes the general managers report. am i correct? we already had public comment on item 7 a. with respect to item 7bcd and f is there any public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. >> we have one speaker. >> i just want to close off saying it's very exciting to see so much money is being involved with pu
gates and landing slots including new york, los angeles, and ronald ragan washington national airport. washington, d.c. at ragan airport, american must now sold 104 landoff and taking slots. >> we have expressed the concerns that the merger would potentially impose. >> the justice department initially blocked the deal, fearing it would hurt competition. and after securing concessions the deal was cleared for takeoff. >> eric holder sought to reassure fliers. this has the potential to shift the landscape, by guaranteeing a bigger foothold for low cost carriers this settlement insures airline passengers will see more competition on nonstop and connecting routs throughout the country. the passengers still have concerned. >> every time there's a merger there's a rate increase. >> with less competition, it means that it may drive flight rates up. >> in 28, delta joined forces with northwest, in 2010, united couples with continental, and two years ago, two of the smallest carriers southwest and air tran merged as well. all of these mean there will now be four big carriers controlling 70% of
to detect a gunman who killed an officer at the los angeles airport. the report says the program is flawed and un fairly targets certain racial groups. >> federal bureau of investigation director james comby believes cyber attacks will be the number one national problem for the u.s. he said computer hacking, theft and espionage will pose more dangers to the u.s. than al qaeda and other terrorist networks. comby was appointed and expects cyber attacks to be the top priority by the end of his 10-year term. >> the c.i.a. is collecting records from international money transfers in and out of the united states. the collection includes americans transactions with companies such as western union. the c.i.a. financial records is authorised under the same law allowing the n.s.a. to collect records from international phone calls. the effort overseen by the court known as hiser. >> the video game war to heat up as sony's latest playstation hits stores. >> some of the rare dinosaur skeletons to hit the auction block. a multi million price the bones could go for. how would you like a chance to have a m
. there was great outpouring at the memorial service held by the city of los angeles and the local police. law enforcement community pulling together and demonstr e demonstrating support for officer hernandez family and the two other officers and family. so thank you for that. the bottom line is these are challenging time for members of tsa employees especially those that lax who have been affected by this and lost a wellli-liked and well-respected colleague. i want to commend the action of those at the checkpoint for their action in helping move passenger away from the point of danger. the two officers who were injured were wounded because they probably stayed too long helping an elderly gentlemen away from the checkpoint and they were shot as the shooter went to the upper level. the question is what is the response to the trammigic incid. i will outline five things we have done. during the shooting i convened a crisis action team by senior leadership at tsa to assess what was going on even during the lockdown after the shooting. and challenged the senior leadership team come up with what ca
los angeles and san diego with mid-to-upper 60's and 80 in palm springs and upper 60's to 70 through the central valley and temperatures are back to closer to where they should be in tahoe at 47 degrees. leyla gulen? >> we have debris in the lanes blocking off the lanes northbound side of 87 coming up to santa clara treat which could impact the commute. watch out for that and drive carefully northbound continuing up toward the san jose airport looking clear southbound not too bad. as we look at our drive time traffic 680 from walnut creek to dublin at top speeds 101 is clear from santa rosa and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 at 23 americans the golden gate bridge is clear with no fog from sauce lady and into san francisco. >> if you have friends in town would want to visit coit tower in san francisco, do it this weekend, a start-up construction sign went up and on monday, work to renovate the landmark begins so sunday is the last day to visit until mid-april when tower is expected to re-open. the city is repairing water leakans that damaged the 80-year-old tower's
range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> wooduff: the house of representatives defied president obama today, voting to let health insurers keep selling policies that don't meet the standards of the affordable care act to both current and new customers. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead on the program, another in our series of personal stories about the health-care law's impact. tonight, an aspiring chef in california turns to medicaid. >> all i know is that that option is the best one for me at this point. >> wooduff: and it's friday, mark shields and david brooks are here to analyze the week's news. those j
of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: can fuel a lifetime of learning. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. early learning academy, are designed for kids to be as active as their imaginations. all she knows is that, today, purple is her favorite color, and that's good enough for us. stride rite is a proud sponsor of "curious george." funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: ( lively drum intro ) ♪ you never do know what's around the bend ♪ ♪ big adventure or a brand-new friend ♪ ♪ when you're curious like curious george ♪ ♪ swing! ♪ ♪ well, every day ♪ every day ♪ ♪ is so glorious ♪ glorious ♪ george! ♪ and everything ♪ everything ♪ ♪ is so wondrous ♪ wondrous ♪ ♪ there's more to explore when you open the door ♪ ♪ and meet friends like this, you just can't miss ♪ ♪ i know you're curious ♪ ♪ curious
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with blige,leitch -- mary j. selling more than 50 million albums. she just released her first holiday cd and will be seen in the new movie "black nativity." a conversation with mary j. blige, coming up. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. mary j. blige released her first album at the age of 21. it immediately went to the top of the charts, catapulting her into the limelight. "my life, was named by rolling stone magazine as one of the 500 greatest albums of all time. since then she has won nine grammys, sold 50 million records , but her latest is her first holiday cd, titled "a mary christmas." with "have a merry little christmas." and have yourself a merry ♪ttle christmas now you are sounding good, looking good. happy holidays to you. i could not wait to put it in, and as is my custom, i pull out the cover and want to read the liner notes. i started looking at the people you collaborated with on this. >> i needed it to be a masterpiece and something sp
. >> what's your story? >> i'm from los angeles, california. i am a marshal arts instructor and a student. i've been doing it for plenty of years and i'm a second junior in black belt at it. so, you know, just keeping busy. >> i'm glad we're separated by the internet. it's a pleasure to have you here. good luck to you. everybody, flip those cards and let's see the answers. real diamonds or cubic zirconia. for $200, the answer is 90% of the vote, they say real diamonds! >> yes! >> 300 bucks and pretty and jose, 20 a piece and our next question is worth $200. the two possible answers are people who talk or people who never pay overdue fees. the question is what did the librarian say is the most annoying part of their job? is it people who talk or people who never pay overdue fees? i'll take a second. for the younger audience. libraries, at one time they were building that you could go to and they house all sorts of books. let's take a step back. books are these things that are bound collection of paper, never mind. let's meet cassandra, how are you, cassandra? >> i'm good. how are you, kevin?
like to mention, andrew, who i hope i get to meet. i mention them all the time. he is from los angeles. was frustrated and spent some 300 -- three hours trying to navigate the website him in california and was not pleased he had to wait three hours. after three hours, he ended up saving $6,000. while no one should have to wait three hours to find out if they will qualify for quality affordable health care, everyone wants to save $6,000 and that is why we're here. we want americans to save money on health insurance and we want the millions of americans who could never say they could afford to buy health insurance let alone save money, have access to the doctors and hospitals, so important for their children and themselves. we are here to say we will do everything we can to make our health security law work and work well. is an opportunity to improve it, we will work with the president and our colleagues in congress to make that happen. understand speaker banner the bill theed house republican majority will put him a floor of the house tomorrow is not for the purpose of improving the new
with the los angeles police department? -- and airport by radio? >> yes. >> so there is communication? >> yes. >> i want to -- at some point provide you information that says that is not the case. and i want to make sure that we are on the same wavelength for that. by communicate -- i talk about radio not telephone not panic button. >> yes. >> but radio. >> yes. let me go through the court nation center for tsa with the police as pot-friendly -- a opposed to an officer around the corner they direct contact to. maybe we can clarify that. do tso have radio? >> the macker yes. was there a supervisor or manager on duty? >> yes. >> did the supervisor or manager call on the radio? >> no. the supervisor picked up the dedicated line as lirmly red phone to call in and as they were getting ready to speak. in watching the video she drops the phone and runs because the shooter is coming up the escalator having fired additional rounds and so she didn't stay. >> the radio was not -- >> no. >> okay. doctor this vali
month before this tragic incident occurred. it was signed my the president of the los angeles peace officer association and the president of the port authority association. in a response dated october 12, 2012 john pistole agreed both merited further discussion. i request the committee include the airport police officer letter and ad ministration john pistole letter. the fix post method requires a police station to be stationed at the passenger screening checkpoint. the flexible response method allows the police to roam the surrounding area but they are recognize to respond to a problem within a specified program. the letter explained it is impossible for a police officer to respond to a problem with the officer is responding for patrolling an entire terminal. the letter recommends this be a standard for all major airports and would require an officer within 300 feet. lax police officers did provide fix post and roaming police officers at the time the letter was written. and last april, six months after john pistole agreed to discuss the issue, a discussion was made to wave the fixe
and not pampering them. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> you can imagine, a lot of reaction coming into this. here was jason mccann on twitter. does he agree with stephanie? i do not agree. i was bullied. when i tried to toughen up, it made my life worse. she doesn't know how mean kids can get. but j. emmett cole says everybody should have a degree of toughness. the world can be a tough place and sheltering helping nobody. tammy gold, our expert, where do you come down? >> i think we need to teach children resilience. we don't need to be tougher on them or have them experience toughness. we need to teach them how to handle adversity. how to handle uncomfortable feelings and give them tools to punch through the other side. >> how would you suggest doing that? >> so, a couple things. you need to teach them how to build frustration tolerance. how to identify, i'm feeling angry. i'm feeling upset and what does that feel like? and sit with that feeling. number two, teach them how to express themselves, using "eyi" statements. i feel uncomfortable. i don't like the way
contrato firmado entre la administracion del bart y los sindicatos de trabajadores tendria un error en una clausula segun lo indicado por la junta directiva del sistema de transporte ----razon por la cual no han decidido firmar... ---- angel ayllon nos dice en que consiste la disputa que take 2 box podria detener por tercera vez los trenes en lo que va corrido del aÑo. 01 19 46 1;39 trt 2;02 blanca ---miembros de la iglesia blanca ---miembros de la iglesia luterana "san pablo" de la preparatoria de oakland y de la comunidad, marcharon esta tarde para brindar su apoyo a "luke fleishman de 18 aÑos quien fue victima de un crimen de odio. take vo ---fleishman sufrio quemaduras serias luego de ser atacado mientras dormia en un autobus de "ac transit". ---"richard thomas" un estudiante de 16 aÑos fue detenido y acusado de atacar al joven quien se define como "asexuado". ---segun la policia el ataque fue ejecutado por motivos homofbicos. vo-blanca ---la policia de san jose anunci esta tarde el arresto de "simon morales" y su esposa en conexion con la muerte de "francisco lugo" ocurrida el pasa
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" set in los angeles. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. we're doing this without shock sheets. full of video. you go. >> colts and titans on thursday night football. coming off the loss to the rams at home. in the second half, just put this one away. they were trailing 14-0, in the first half. luck, keeping it himself, running in for the touchdown. and then, donald brown with the first two-touchdown game of his nfl career. colts beat all three vision opponents on the road. up by three games, they take it 30-27. 14 oh, man. what a game. up in oakland. the thunder have yet to beat a team that made the playoffs last season. golden state got way behind. russell westbrook says let's bring this back. takes the lead with 2.3 seconds left. that's how we do it. andre iguodala says this is how you do it. a little defensive miscue by the thunder. and it's oklahoma city, struck down. getting iguodala with it. warriors, undefeated at home. what an exciting one-point win. >> western conference pretty exciting. >> yeah. >> on a nightly basis in the nba. >> i'm wearing sweat pants. >
, sunny today. 56 the high. miami, showers. but sunshine in chicago and dallas. partially sunny in los angeles today. >>> time now for a check of the national forecast. the northeast will be dry with highs in the 40s and 50s. it will be even warmer in much of the south. there will be rain across the pacific northwest, and parts of the cascades in northern washington could see up to a foot of snow. >>> in sports, indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck has never lost two games in a row in his short professional career. luck kept that streak alive last night against tennessee. with his team down by two touchdowns, at one point luck gives the colts the lead on an 11-yard touchdown run. indianapolis wins, 30-27. >>> a wild finish in the nba between oklahoma city and golden state. russell westbrook gives the thunder a one-point lead with less than three seconds to play, but golden state's andre iguodala has enough time for one last shot. >> iguodala, here he comes. he got it! the warriors have won on a team-winning shot by andre iguodala! >> iguodala finishes with 14 points, and golden s
expressed doubts. carter evans in our los angeles newsroom is looking into this. >> reporter: scott, we called half a dozen insurance companies today, including blue cross and aetna, and they say they don't know how they're going to implement the president's suggested fix, or even if they can. customers have questions, too. natalie willes' insurance was basic but it was cheap. kaiser canceled it because it did not meet obamacare requirements, so she was anxious to call her insurer to get it reinstated. >> what information did you receive? >> the details have not been worked out. >> reporter: they told her to call back in a week. >> i don't want to believe the worst-case scenarios about the affordable care act. i don't want to believe it's going to compromise the quality of my health care, i really don't. but when things like this keep happening it makes it difficult for me to be confident things will not get worst. >> reporter: reinstating canceled policies will not be easy. insurance companies will have to contact people whose policies were canceled, then explain coverage options, get
. the 24-year-old voluntarily checked himself in for anger issues at a facility in los angeles recently. that was after a scuffle here in d.c.. brown is facing a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly pinching a man outside the w. hotel last month. he pled not guilty in the case. his spokesperson says brown is going to continue outpatient treatment for his anger issues. that is so he can do 1,000 hours of community service which is part of the probation from a 2009 attack on singer rihanna who was his girlfriend at the time. >>> here's another reminder to lock your car at all times. the culpeper county sheriff's office says at least 20 people reported their cars had been rummaged through, five of the people say things were stolen. but there was no damage to the cars because all the vehicles were unlocked. the sheriff's office wants to remind everyone to lock your cars and homes and keep valuables out of sight. right now, they have no person of interest in the case. >>> an outburst by a northern virginia high school football coach is starting to get some national attention. or at least
from los angeles, california, 34 years old, lives in -- as i said, in my city of los angeles, had to wait three hours to enroll. $6,000 savings. let's improve this plan. let's not destroy it. it's time to move forward to give americas what they need, health security. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. burgess: reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: require if the gentleman has any remaining speakers. mr. burgess: i'm always here so i remain as a speaker but it will just be me. mr. polis: you're prepared to close? mr. burgess: absolutely. mr. polis: i yield myself the balance of the time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for the remaining time which is 90 seconds. mr. polis: i'll offer an amendment to the rule in a will allows americans to keep their insurance if they like it. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to insert the text of the amendment in the record, along with extraneous material immediately prior to the vote on the previous question. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. poli
and emergency response after the recent shooting in los angeles. and then the senate for debate on health care and later national security susan rice talks about the middle east. >> coming up on the next "washington journal", a look at the health care law and allowing americans to keep their current health insurance and the upcoming vote on the gop bill and our guest is andy harris of maryland. and then the health care law and the farm bill negotiation and pending changes to unemployment insurance. "washington journal" is live each day at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> most apartments include their fair share of academics who offers straightforward choruses in psychology and women's history and literature and statistically challenged individuals set the tone. and if there is a department that devises us, let me know because i would love to visit with you. and conservative women, moderate women, libertarian women, religious women, they have lucked out. >> her critique of late 20th century feminism has led critics to label her as antifeminist. on sunday, december 1. live, three hours beginning at noon
. >> reporter: you bet. jon: right now new information on the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport two weeks ago. when gerardo hernandez became the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. there are report that is it took 33 minutes to get medical attention to him even though he was just 20 feet from an exit. police had the suspect in custody a few minutes after he was shot. according to the new reports paramedics had to wait for police to declare the area safe. a final report on all of this could take months. jenna: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. take a look at this. some good samaritans pulling a woman from her car seconds before it sank into a pond in florida. the car was quickly filling with water as the woman tried to tell 911 dispatchers where she was and what happened. that is when a group with a truck backed into the water around pulled the woman to safety. she calls them her guardian angels. even more importantly with the rescue, she can't swim, jon, they really came in the nick of time. jon: boy, that is a lucky timing, yeah. >>> the search is underway in
a way to send it back home. >> the philippine community in los angeles is rallying for those for haiyan and hundreds of thousands of donations are pouring in to the u.s. and southern california, with 350,000 residents la has the largest population in the united states, they are gathering food and supplies and will travel to the philippines next month to present them to victims in person. last weekend the philippine disaster relief organization and roma organization had a 5k walk to raise funds for victims. and experts expect individual donations in the u.s. to top out at about $1 billion. everyone here pitching in to ease the pain and suffering of those hardest hit by this natural disaster. >> reporter: and ricky is the spokesman for the philippine president and joins me on the line from tacloban and we spoke to them and said despite the fact aid is getting in the airport there are still many people desperate for the very things that are being stacked in the airport like food and water, why? >> well, the aid is being distributed in the different towns around here not just tacloban and m
elevations around los angeles and san diego, and 80 in palm springs and low 70's through the central valley and 47 in tahoe cooler-than-average there. if you are headed there this weekend temperatures are back to average by sunday after a brisk day tomorrow. now a check on the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we have an update were at accident in san jose with good news it is cheered to the shoulder and c.h.p. is on the scene. it does not sound like they found the people that ran from the scene of the accident but we have two lanes now re-opened so northbound highway 87, we are looking at heavy backups remaining and that will dissipate shortly. on highway 85 over to winchester boulevard we have a two-car crash blocking middle lanes with heavy backup and, worse, as we continue in the nobody direction and outside a gorgeous look of the golden gate bridge into san francisco with clear traffic and everyone is moving smoothly. >> this is a big day for bay area seafood lovers the first haul of the season will arrive at fishermen's wharf in san francisco with the number of traps capped at 500, intended to
. >> new questions whether the t.s.a. at shot and killed at los angeles international airport could have survived. the associated press reports a wounded hernandez waited for 33 minutes after being shot. paramedics had to wait until the terminal was declared "safe," and an official said there was no net from paul ciancia for all but five of the minutes because he was shot and taken into custody the it is not men if hernandez could have been save the. >> on capitol hill the house of representatives waits do move after president obama had his say on reversing we insurance capabilities that permits companies to continue to sell plans. the president apologized again yesterday for problems with the h care reallyout and the senate democratics are scrambling do have their own "fix." >> no fixing this chilly weather this morning, mike? >> we will warm up nicely today but i don't know if we will get beyond where we were yesterday. we will have a lot more sunshined so it will look and feel brighter. there was a lack of cloud cover and the dry air and up to 14 degrees cooler in napa and eight in fa
state of california we'll have dry and sunny conditions. 56 in los angeles and cool 60 in monterey. clear skies in the morn, very chilly by mid afternoon tomorrow, mainly sunny skies, breezy, cool on the coast. highs reaching into 50s but low to mid-60s around the bay and some mid, even mid to upper 60s into our milder, relatively milder inland locations. looks like 70s and 80s just a day or two ago are gone. >> cool >> comfortably cool. >> thank you >> okay. >> still ahead at 4:00 sandy hook promise the new campaign launched to get parents together to fight gun violence. >> dispute outside of the operating room causing one man's life saving transplant to be cancelled. >> just ahead, the skies are they ge it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with his math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... like video-chatting with sara. hi, ms. kelly. hi, sara. [ male announcer ] call at&t now to get the fastest internet for the price -- just $1
night then live reaction from los angeles on after the game. major league baseball using expanded instant replay starting next season. they're going to go with nfl-style war room in new york. so ultimate decisions will be made by umpires watching all videos. back east, and then, they'll relay the decisions to men in blue working the game on the field for what is covered well, balls and strikes will not be reviewed but lake mrais like this will be. you've got a home run in dispute. managers get two challenges per game. miguel cabrerra hit 348, 44 homers. 137 rbis. he's a hitting machine once again fishishing ahead of mike shroud. pirates outfielder andrew mccutchen garnered 28 of the first-place votes. machine cutchen at 317, 21 homers and led the way. one of the most-popular drivers on indy car circuit calling it quits this, is y three-time winner daro frankini says doctors told him he cannot race because of injuries suffered in this crash last month. the 40-year-old fractured his spine, broke his right ankle and suffered a concussion had that crash. abc7 sports brought to you by
:00 on saturday night then live reaction from los angeles on after the game. major league baseball using expanded instant replay starting next season. they're going to go with nfl-style war room in new york. so ultimate decisions will be made by umpires watching all videos. back east, and then, they'll relay the decisions to men in blue working the game on the field for what is covered well, balls and strikes will not be reviewed but lake mrais like this will be. you've got a home run in dispute. managers get two challenges per game. miguel cabrerra hit 348, 44 homers. 137 rbis. he's a hitting machine once again fishishing ahead of mike shroud. outfielder andrew mccutchen garnered 28 of the first-place votes. machine cutchen at 317, 21 homers and led the way. one of the most-popular drivers on indy car circuit calling it quits this, is y three-time winner daro frankini says doctors told him he cannot race because of injuries suffered in this crash last month. the 40-year-old fractured his spine, broke his right ankle and suffered a concussion had that crash. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard
assemblyman mike gatto was shot and killed last night. his sister found the body. police say the los angeles home was ran sacked and joseph gatto may have interrupted a burglary when he was shot. >>> a lack of rain is contributing to an extended fire season. cal fire said it is keeping firefighters and equipment on duty past the typical close of the fire season. that is normally when it begins to rain but this year due to record low rainfall the wildfire season is still underway. a burn ban is still in effect. so far this year there have been 344 wildfires compared to 296 last year and 266 in 2011. >>> winds, now let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. it will be windy. >> late in the season, dry, with the winds coming up tonight, it is always a concern. not as nasty as september or august in terms of heat and humidity but it has been dry. big winds going like tonight you could have a problem. no red flag warning, though. no wind advisories yet but that could change. outside, it cooled off. you know that. numbers dropped off. came down 8, 10 degrees. cooler. tonight patchy fog. a li
man. >>> new information this morning and it's very disturbing. it's about the shooting at los angeles international airport. it turns out that the t.s.a. officer who was killed after a gunman opened fire laid helplessly bleeding for 33 minutes before he was helped by paramedics. officer skwrer radar -- her radar dough hernandez was 20 feet from the exit but police wouldn't let them treat him because the cops had not determined that terminal safe to enter yet. it is not know whether medical attention could have saved his life but officials are examining whether paramedics could have gone into that terminal earlier. those are your headlines. see you in about 25 minutes. >> thanks, heather. coming up we've been telling you the president is putting on the political band-aid when it comes to obamacare but our next guest, an insurance industry insider, says this fix is about to make things a whole lot worse. >> he's still got it. quite the balancing act between two movies. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion c
'm chris matthews out in los angeles. let me start tonight with this. the political right in this country has reached a new low, as i said. it has shown from the beginning that president obama doesn't deserve the decency accorded other american presidents. his enemies have called him an illegal immigrant, a street corner con artist, a fraud, a march yourian candidate brought
of rehab. he is expected to continue outpatient treatment for hanger issues at a clinic in los angeles. he voluntarily checked himself in after he was arrested here in d.c. last month. he was charged with misdemeanor assault for a fight outside the d.c. hotel. he remains on probation for a 2009 assault on his then- girlfriend rihanna. >>> miami dolphin lineman richie incognito has filed a non-injury grievance against his team. he wants an expedited hearing on his suspension from the team so he can return to the playing field. he -- incognito was suspended for allegedly bullying teammate jonathan martin. martin eventually left the team, incognito is losing more than $235,000 for each game he is suspended. >>> it is 6:54. time to answer the question of the morning. to refresh your memory -- >> or d. anything. for our facebook friend joseph wrote doesn't trust me with the bills but i say most guys probably can't iron like i can. so i say c.. iron. >> turns out the answer is a., pay the bills. we'll be right back. ♪ >>> 6:56. high clouds around and they'll thicken up later today and upper 50
in los angeles today and one of his co-workers is so kind to get up and join us this morning. it's arianne thornson. did i pronounce that correctly? thanks for waking up with us. one of the movies opening this weekend, we were talking about it this week is the sequel that's 14 years in the making. "the best man holiday" is a follow-up to the 1999's "the best man." take a listen. >> i can't tell you how good it is to have all of us under the same roof again. >> christmas in new york. >> it's going to be great. >> how you doing? >> harper stewart. >> hi. >> hey baby. >> i like to ski in vermont. >> shut up harper. >> okay, so the trailers there are several funny scenes in the trailers. if you see it online there's one point where terrence howard takes somebody's cell phone out of their hands and he smashes it on the floor. to me that's laugh out loud humor but can that carry a whole movie? >> terrence howard is a complete scene stealer through the movie. the moment in the trail receiver just a preview of what's to come. i mean laugh out loud. the entire movie. >> all right so some
. >> erika, thank you very much. that t.s.a. officer killed at the los angeles international airport lay bleeding for more than a half hour after he was shot. most of that time was after the suspected gunman had been shot and in police custody. the associated press saying paramedics waiting 150 yards away but couldn't reach the officer because police had not declared the terminal safe to enter. it took 33 minutes before he was taken to an ambulance outside that terminal. >> there is new surveillance out this morning of that new jersey malwhere a gunman opened fire. security cameras captured 20-year-old richard shoop calmly walking through the mall. he fired six rounds inside the mall, but didn't hit anyone. no one was injured. he later took his own life. >> a major policy shift in china this morning. the communist party there voting to loosen that countries one child only rule. we have more from beijing. >> this isn't official abolition of the one child policy, but amounts pretty much to the same thing. in future, if either member of a couple was a single child himselves, they would be a
of anonymous relayed a message about a possible attack in downtown los angeles today. those stories and more when the kron4 morning news continues. >> welcome back. we continue to track a hot spot at the golden gate bridge. the traffic is moving okay on the span but it is still backed up on the approach. take a look at the ride on highway and 1 01 northbound. this is the presidio parkway and the traffic as you can say is backed up. this goes all the way to richardson. i 11 is backed up until the macarthur tunnel. it was for nearly half an hour but things were affected. the northbound lanes were blocked for nearly half an hour. >> now to a story that's been getting a lot of attention on our web site kron four dot com. the hacker group "anonymous" is warning of a possible terrorist attack on downtown los angeles today. they posted a video on youtube saying the group believes the u-s government may be behind the plan with the citibank tower in downtown l-a as a primary target. >> over the weekend swat teams have been conducting--the citibank building is now being occupied by freddie mac. the po
-cash deal, but the los angeles based company turned it down. snap chat is a popular app that allows people to send photographs and videos to their friends and then those pictures self-destruct seconds after they are seen. >>> coming up, a kangaroo out of place. how the animal was eventually pulled to safety. >>> and a man in montana makes a corny proposal so big his girlfriend had to see it from the sky. her reaction, next. announcer: announcer: you're on the right trac to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempurpedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, t
the tsa officer bled for 3 minutes without aid after being shot at los angeles international airport. paramedics were close by but couldn't get to him. >> "the indianapolis star" says dario franchitti's racing career is over. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. >>> 50 years after the assassination of jfk, we take you back to dealey plaza. bob schieffer is there with first-hand memories and the cbs news coverage of that moment that continues to fuel theorys of come spircy. >>> and a midair mystery. a passenger who suddenly disappear ed from a plane off te coast of florida. >> mayday, mayday, mayday, i have a door ajar. >> you have a door open, did you say? >> i have a door ajar and a passenger fell down. >>> and mitt romney and anne appear in studio 57. year after the election. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. [ woman ] oh, my god! oh, my god! [ laughter ] [ screaming ] [ laughter ] [ screaming ] whoo-hoo-hoo! [ engine revving ]
sitting in tel aviv or in riyadh, you know, they can very easily come easy for green to say living in los angeles, we get nuked, you know, he won't even let us stay in his guestroom. i understand that. i really do, but i also do believe in our form of government. i have some measure of trust in our elected officials, maybe more than angela merkel does or others, and this is a series issue the united states government has been deeply, deeply involved in from day one. i think if iran is serious or unserious it will be revealed relatively quickly. the first seven negotiations in geneva went very well. wendy sherman who was leaving our negotiating team didn't provide any details. the iranians appeared showed up with a very detailed powerpoint presentation. it was not ahmadinejad punning around. they actually showed up with some serious suggestions, everybody watch away from the meeting feeling this was time well spent. in both countries, this again is what's so interesting, there are going to be masers in both countries. they are certainly people in congress who will say, aha, see, the sancti
as many -- as thumbs up. "los angeles times" says "charlie countryman" takes the blender approach to mixing dark adventure, doofus comedy and pie-eyed romance but forgets to put a lid on. then "redeye" writes he liked it. unexpectedly funny consistently -- >> next up we do the "best man holiday." the first holiday movie for the year out of the gate. a sequel to the 1999 the "best man." the entire cast is back for this one starring taye diggs, and in a nutshell it is a holiday reunion of old college friends and rekindling of old rivalries and romances. >> oh, babe, can i use your phone? i can't get a signal up in here? >> you want to hold it. >> yeah, stop. would you hand me that? >> something bad must have been on that phone. rotten tomatoes gives it a respectable 63%. the reviews are mixed. "the new york post" says the raunchy sex comedy and christian faith doesn't come off. in the they say the characters are just as funny, honest and sexy as we remember them. it's like they never really went away. the reviewers say you will get more enjoyment out of this film if you
medico. pitch - cesar ---los cambios beneficiaran a miles de personas que estaban en riesgo de perder su cobertura medica, roll open under una vez que entre en vigor la ley recientemente promulgada.. take 2 box ---angel ayllon, en vivo, nos tiene mas detalles... adelante angel... take angel live ;01 ;23 trt 1;28 el plan de salud obama presenta un punto neuralgico que hoy el mismo presidente aseguro se corregira.... y es que los ciudadanos si podran mantener durante el proximo ano los planes medicos que ya usan y serian renovados bajo el nuevo plan... y es que muchas personas han recibido llamadas de sus companias de salud, indicando el aumento de los pagos en sus seguros medicos o la cancelacion de ellos por la incursion del obama care... entrevista obama segun el presidente, su expectativa era que el 98% de los estadounidens es con seguro, no tendrian ningun cambio y por el contrario, encrontrarian muchas opciones en el mercado pero no resulto ser asi... ahora la promesa presidencial se basa en asegurar que quienes deseen mantener su seguro medico lo pueden hacer obligando a l
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